skin regimen

Modern Plant Technology for Fast Living/Slow Aging

/skin regimen/

/skin regimen/ is designed to correct the effects of stress-related imperfections and environmental pollution which intoxicate the skin and lead to accelerated aging. The perfect antidote to modern fatigue and urban lifestyle, /skin regimen/ is ideal for a time-pressed, unisex clientele with stressed, dull and aging skin.

Longevity Facial

Ideal for all ages, all skin types and all climates throughout the year.  Customizable to correct specific stress-related imperfections and signs of aging, it rejuvenates the skin and leaves you feeling recharged. The synergy of Qigong and rolling roullage massage and the brands natural aroma, recharge the skin and mind. 

Skin Regimen Longevity Facial $135

Detox Facial

For everyone that needs to detox the skin from the effects of pollution. specifically to fight imperfections and adult acne.  The /skin regimen/ detox peel-off mask with Chlorella and plant-based Charcoal captures and removes impurities, while White Ginseng Root rebalances and energizes the skin.    Skin and mind are re-invigorated.  

Skin Regimen Detox Facial $135