A transformative powder, that when mixed with water, turns into a creamy, exfoliating foam cleanser for your face. A kinder alternative to harsh chemical solutions, this exfoliating face wash gently removes skin pollutants and dead cells for a brighter, smoother complexion. Formulated with Chlorella and Papaya enzymes to detox and cleanse the skin, and Rice Starch to absorb and remove excess sebum.


  • Free from silicones.
  • Free from preservatives.
  • No added fragrance.
  • No SLES, no SLS.
  • 64% natural-origin ingredients.

Skin Regimen Enzymatic Powder

SKU: CZ18641
  • This exfoliator is recommended for all skin types to purify and reoxygenate the skin, especially in case of city-gray, dull or mature skin. Use once or twice a week.