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Why Comfort Zone Skincare?

Salon Fortelli & Spa has been a Davines salon since 2007. Taking on a new product line is always a challenge but the quality of ingredients, performance on the hair and educational support for our stylists was exceptional. Years later we are more in love than ever and decided to become a Comfort Zone spa. As you read on and learn more about the philosophy, manufacturing and commitment to being the best FOR the world we are confident you will fall in love too.

As skin experts, Comfort Zone helps the skin’s ecosystem reach its optimal balance and vitality in an ever-changing environment - what they call the comfort zone of the skin. The philosophy is Conscious Skin Science™ - a sustainable and conscious approach towards both the skin and the environment. Comfort Zone is committed to guaranteeing efficacy and safety, choosing high-quality ingredients which respect the skin and the planet. Comfort Zone products are made with renewable resources and recyclable packaging, fully CO2 compensated thanks to EthioTrees, a reforestation initiative in Ethiopia.

Comfort Zone’s objective is to empower the skin’s resilience, and its capacity to stay young, firm and glowing. To achieve this goal, Comfort Zone works together with expert spa professionals worldwide through educational and partnership programs to ensure spa professionals can offer transformational, unique experiences for face and body, along with a deep sense of well-being and vitality. The purchase of Comfort Zone products through Salon Fortelli & Spa directly provides education to our service providers so they can in turn strive to provide the best service possible for our clients.

Comfort Zone products are manufactured in the Davines Village in Parma, Italy, and are free from silicones, animal derivatives, mineral oil, artificial colorants, and SLS. Their products are suitable for vegans, with clinically proven efficacy and are dermatologically tested cruelty-free. Following more than 20 years of constant research, the Comfort Zone laboratory takes inspiration from their Scientific Garden, an open-air lab at the Davines Village, they study the living plants to discover botanical molecules for new innovations. Delivering high-end, clean, result-driven, sustainable skincare, combining the best of science and nature for truly enriching and unique experiences. Over 40 scientists, including chemists, biologists and dermatologists, supported by a multidisciplinary Scientific Committee and various Universities, work with Comfort Zone’s R&D team to provide clean, result-driven formulas, highly concentrated in natural-origin and high-tech ingredients.

As a Certified B Corporation™ Comfort Zone is committed to being the best for the world. They envision a balanced approach to beauty, striving for sustainability and building relationships inspired by ethics. Being a B Corp® means believing in an alternative business model where the respect for people and the environment is the focus of every day activities. After the certification obtained in 2016, Davines Group decided to align their objectives with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's), defined in the UN Agenda 2030, projecting them into their corporate strategy. This gave them a goal for continuous improvement that is expressed in the activation of new projects, and in defining objectives and monitoring results that have been presented in their annual Sustainability Report.


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