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Introducing Natural Tech Tailoring: custom & Instant hair treatments

Updated: Jan 31

Salon Fortelli & Spa is excited to introduce our clients to Naturaltech Tailoring In-Salon Treatments. The Herbal Hair Infusion is tailored to your hair and custom mixed by your stylist just for you and your unique hair care challenges providing instant results. Our service providers have always loved hair treatments created by Davines but either limited time or our packed schedules would get in the way of being able to provide a treatment service. Now we can immediately address thinning, dryness, weakness, lack of shine and more at each hair appointment.

The Herbal Hair Infusion treatment service powered by Naturaltech Tailoring is an exclusive in-salon treatment that is customizable to your hair. Not only does it deliver results instantly, with no processing time, it’s also as good for the environment as it is for your hair. Each of the 24 possible hair infusions feature a natural active ingredient, studied at the Davines Scientific Garden in Parma and grown in Italy according to the principles of Regenerative Organic Agriculture.

Hair Care Diagnostic Tool

Your tailored hair treatment experience begins with a consultation with your stylist using our exclusive tailoring consultation diagnostic tool. The results allow us to identify your primary and secondary hair concerns, to give you personalized advice and create a dedicated recipe from the Naturaltech Tailoring range of products, which will be mixed on the spot especially for you.

24 Ways To Boost Your Hair’s Health

Naturaltech Tailoring blends two important components: a naturally derived base plus a botanical extract booster. The result is a fluid formula that is personalized to you, easy to apply, and able to deliver immediate results without any processing time. There are 24 possible combinations.

  • For Fine And Thinning Hair: Naturaltech Tailoring Volume Base made with cellulose fibers extracted from wood to naturally coat hair, adding extra body Results: 15% more voluminous hair.

  • For Dry And Brittle Hair: Naturaltech Tailoring Moisture Base Plant oils give us bio-based elastomers that create a film, reducing dehydration and improving softness. Results: 20.7 times more hydrated, 87% easier to detangle, 70% softer

  • For Coloured Treated Hair In Need Of Shine: Naturaltech Tailoring Radiance Base Light reflecting RSPO mass balance certified palm oil makes hair radiant and soft. Results: 30.5% shinier, 3.5 times more shine, 58.8% softer.

  • For Fragile and Stressed Hair: Naturaltech Tailoring Strength Base A new molecule derived from sugar penetrates deep into the hair’s keratin structure creating new bonds. Results: 28% less breakage from brushing and 26% increase in hair fibre strength.

Then we add A Botanical Extract Booster. Once you and your stylist have settled on the most appropriate base, it’s time to build up your herbal infusion using one of six botanical extract boosters with ingredients grown using regenerative organic agriculture.

  • Volumizing Booster Mallow flowers produce a substance that swells as it binds with water giving hair a full-bodied look. The results: 2 times more volume, 3.5% thicker hair.

  • Hydrating Booster Mucopolysaccharide molecules from the prickly pear have the ability to bind water, hydrate hair and make it softer and easier to comb. The results: 18.3 times more hydrated, 55% easier to detangle, 45% softer hair

  • Illuminating Booster The low pH tartaric acid extracted from red grapes help close hair cuticles promoting the hair’s natural shine. The results: 34.6% shinier immediately, 4.3 times more lasting shine, 68.8% softer.

  • Fortifying Booster Amaranth — a high protein, gluten-free cereal — provides the amino acids needed to strengthen hair damaged by heat, pollutants and chemical treatment. The results: 28% less breakage from brushing, 26% increase in hair fibre strength.

  • Controlling Booster Elderflowers add sugars to provide a protective and smoothing coat as well as nutrients that boost shine. The results: 3.5 times silkier and smoother hair, 3 times more control and 7 times more compactness after 72 hours, 70% easier to detangle

  • Blonde Brightening Booster Myrtle’s naturally blue berries are rich in flavonoids which are powerful antioxidant molecules that offer UV protection, while the Jagua fruit balances light reflection. The results: 5.5 times more reflective blonde, 2.5 times more shine, antioxidant protection.

We can't wait for you to try these innovative treatments. Add on to your next hair service for $25. Your hair is as unique as you are — and so are the challenges you face in keeping it healthy and vibrant.

Sustainable Hair Treatments By Davines

Davines researchers have studied thousands of plants in the Davines Scientific Garden in Parma, Italy. Drawing on the wisdom of nature in order to replace synthetic chemicals with natural-origin ingredients. That means our products are silicone-free, and contain no artificial fragrances. Sustainably grown in partnership with local organic farmers using regenerative methods, botanicals are then extracted using low-energy methods, to protect our planet while enhancing the unique beauty of your hair. And it’s not just the formulas that are sustainable — Davines has put a lot of effort into making packaging as kind to the planet as possible too. Innovations include a reusable bottle applicator, fully recyclable packaging, and post-consumer recycled bottles. And of course, all treatments are produced and packaged at the carbon-offset Davines Village.


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