we are open!


Our salon and spa are now open. We have been overwhelmed with all the phone calls and excitement about reopening. We miss you too!

Salon Appointments


We have contacted everyone on our cancellation and waiting list. If you have not received a call please let us know ASAP. We are now accepting new bookings. 

spa appointments


We are not accepting spa appointments at this time. Please don't call us, we will call you! We need to reschedule 3 months of appointments and then work through our waiting list. If you are not on the waiting list, join the spa waiting list now! 

**All appointments have been canceled up to September 6th to make room for the 3 months of cancellations during our closure. If your appointment was canceled you are automatically added to our waiting list.** 

It will be a very different experience when we do open. 

See below for some of the changes:

Unfortunately with the extension of the state of emergency by the Government of Ontario we are also extending the temporary closure of Salon Fortelli & Spa. As cases are still on the rise in Toronto and Ontario we all have a responsibility to protect ourselves and our community by staying home and following public health guidelines to slow the spread and damage caused by COVID-19.


It is impossible for us to serve you while following physical distancing recommendations and as a non-essential service we have been asked to stay closed. Although Salon Fortelli & Spa will remain closed and unstaffed for the foreseeable future, we have been in the process of developing new strategies to support our clients needs.


Currently we are not​ booking any new appointments​ until we have a definitive opening date. ​You may email us a request​ and it will be added to a waiting list. Once ​our next steps are more clear and we are able to book we will reach out to you. In the meantime, we will be sending out any major updates by email to keep you informed​.​


We have redesigned our website to offer you home delivery of all Comfort Zone and Skin Regimen products. Visit our shop to find your favourite products. 


Please email us your request for pickup. We will process the payment over the phone and arrange for a contactless pickup. As some of our distributors are also closed we may not have everything on your wish list. 

To our valued customers, ​


After the declaration of a state of emergency by the Government of Ontario we have decided to temporarily close Salon Fortelli & Spa. With the rising cases in Ontario and specifically in Toronto, we feel as a non-essential service it is our responsibility to protect our clients, our employees and our community by taking this step to help slow the spread and damage caused by COVID-19.

Thank you for your kind words and support over the past few days, it is truly appreciated. This was a difficult decision to make as our doors will be closed for the first time in 37 years. We are saddened by not being able to celebrate our 17th anniversary in The Beach this week and by not being able to provide comfort during these challenging times.


We are choosing to view this as an act of mass cooperation intended to protect our community. Meaghan has given birth to a healthy baby boy,  Tyson 8lbs 5oz born on March 17th 2020. This is a reminder that life will continue during these difficult times and that keeping our loved ones safe and healthy is paramount.


We ask for your patience as the environment continues to change very quickly, and, like you, we are doing our best to navigate the situation. We will be checking email and voicemails periodically during our closure and sending out updates by email to keep you informed.


Thank you again for your loyalty, and together, we will take it one day at a time. Please take care of your own physical and mental health and support each other!


Vince & Gino

Owners of Salon Fortelli & Spa