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Hydrating = hydramemory

A natural blend of apple, lentil and watermelon rind guarantees double hydration. These extracts work to protect the skin’s barrier and optimize water diffusion. Hyaluronic acid protects and stimulates hydration in the skin by attracting water and retaining it. Fair-trade, antioxidant-rich moringa oil reduces transepidermal water loss, providing much needed omegas and vitamin E to the skin.

HYDRA Facials

Your Skin's Hydration

Our skin naturally has a double mechanism to maintain its optimal level of hydration. The skin barrier function reduces water evaporation caused by environmental factors and lifestyle choices. Water diffusion moves water across our skin’s membranes to keep us hydrated. Naturally occurring proteins act as channels to transport water into the cell heart, and hyaluronic acid, a powerfully hydrating hygroscopic molecule, creates a water reservoir in the skin to create elasticity and softness.

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Lifestyle Tips

Hydration is the key to dewy, younger looking skin. A long-lasting water reservoir and fortified skin barrier are critical against the environmental factors and daily habits that dehydrate skin. Seasonal or external temperature changes trigger the body’s natural mechanisms to regulate temperature, generating itchy and dry skin conditions when it’s cold, or excess perspiration and dehydration when it’s hot. UV radiation, exercise, and alcohol can also accelerate the depletion of the body’s water reserves. We can balance these effects with regular consumption of water.

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Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is already a natural water reservoir in the dermis and epidermis, where it represents 30% of total skin content. As we age, hyaluronic acid production slows in our bodies. We can stimulate HA production with a diet high in antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables, protecting our bodies against inflammation and helping us retain it.

Glasses of Water

Drinking Water

So how much water should you drink? Start with two to three liters of water a day, drinking slowly and constantly throughout the day to retain hydration longer. You may need to increase that amount when you are exercising. Listen to signs of thirst in your body. As we age, we perceive the sensation of thirst even less, so regular consumption of water throughout the day is the easiest way to restore the hydrosaline balance in our bodies. This keeps skin hydrated. And don’t forget to employ it in your daily skincare routine, ensuring hydrating action for your skin every day.​


Facial Treatments

Hydramemory Complete Facial $120


A deeply hydrating antioxidant treatment for the face, neck and decollete. This treatment leaves skin hydrated, supple, silky and bright while combating dryness and premature aging. Recommended for extreme dehydration, all year round, and particularly in warm climates or in preparation for exposure to the sun. Ideal for skins that are already showing signs of aging. ​

 Hydramemory Express Facial $90


A deeply hydrating express treatment for the face, neck and decollete. This treatment leaves skin hydrated, silky and bright while restoring compactness and overall luminosity. Ideal for skins that are already showing signs of aging. Recommended all year round.


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Conscious Skin Science

A sustainable and conscious approach towards both the skin and the environment. We select the finest natural-origin ingredients, the most advanced high-tech molecules and carrier systems. We choose not to use animal derivatives, silicones, mineral oils, parabens, artificial colors and any other ingredient which might be aggressive for the skin or the planet. Our formulas are tested by dermatologists and their efficacy is clinically proven. They are suitable for vegans.

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