Our Self-care Ritual for Deep Relaxation


Stress is the body’s fight or flight response to external triggers. According to scientific research, stress is one of the biggest detriments to our health and wellbeing. TranquillityTM’s bath and body ritual, featuring aromatic formulas, promote a deep sense of wellbeing. Ideal throughout the day to relax you. Use at night before sleep to alleviate the mind and silken the skin.

Active Ingredients

The iconic and relaxing blend of SWEET ORANGE, ROSE DAMASCEN AND CEDAR WOOD essential oils offers a pleasant sensation of deep well-being and promotes an optimal night's rest.

Pro-Sleep Massage

Inspired by the Indonesian Sea Malay Massage, this exceptional ritual acts in synergy with our Tranquillity™ Sound and Essential Oil Blend to effectively induce a state of deep rest. Ideal as jet lag recovery.




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