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Archi-lift™ technology 

Sublime Skin is a corrective anti-aging treatment, designed to firm, plump, and even out skin tone.  The exclusive Archi-lift™ technology helps to restore the skin architecture from within, replenishing and stimulating water, proteins and lipids simultaneously. The Active Lift massage technique effectively stimulates cellular regeneration, restores fullness, and redefines the face. 

Sublime Skin Eye Patch $35

Add On to Any Facial

hormone facial 

For anyone experiencing menopausal symptoms: thinning of the skin, extreme dryness, loss of skin density and psycho-physical fragility.  Revitalizes cellular communication Regenerates tissues from the inside Redensifies skin and increases collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production Combats thinning and increased fragility


Sublime Skin Hormone Facial $200 

Conscious skin science 

CONSCIOUS SKIN SCIENCE™ means a sustainable and conscious approach towards both the skin and the environment. We select the finest natural-origin ingredients, the most advanced high-tech molecules and carrier systems. We choose not to use animal derivatives, silicones, mineral oils, parabens, artificial colors and any other ingredient which might be aggressive for the skin or the planet. Our formulas are tested by dermatologists and their efficacy is clinically proven. They are suitable for vegans.