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Formulas rich in natural-origin ingredients not only soften hands but also encourage nail and cuticle health. Light-weight, non-oily hand and foot products nourish and enrich tired, sore appendages with a precious vegetal oil blend. Specialist is the routine designed to target and care for hands and feet.

Hand Hygiene

Your Skin

Our hands and feet require a particular type of care and attention. Our hands are constantly visible and exposed to external aggressions whereas our feet are at risk of being neglected as they are typically “hidden” away in socks and shoes. Daily habits and use of hands coupled with frequent handwashing compromises the delicate structure, integrity, softness and smoothness of the skin. The soles of our feet are characterized by much more thickness and because they tend to be neglected, this can lead to chronic traumas over time - unpleasant odors, roughness, callosity and swelling. Using products that specifically care for our hands and feet to bring back moisture and protect the delicate skin is essential in the overall care and appearance of these most important appendages. We use our hands and feet every day without even thinking about it, so why not give them the care they deserve.

Foot Massage

Lifestyle Tips

We rely on our hands and feet for just about everything so it’s important to keep them in tip top shape. Paying special attention to our hands and feet is key in maintaining the health of our appendages. If you notice your hands are feeling exceptionally dry, you should avoid frequent handwashing when possible. When you are washing your hands, opt for delicate detergents free of sulfates, and avoid washing with very hot water as it can irritate and damage the skin. Try not to air dry your hands - the water left on the skin will naturally evaporate taking with it the molecules of water needed for hydration, leaving the skin chronically dehydrated and dry. Follow up with the application of a moisturizing hand cream to restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier. The same goes with our feet - use gentle detergents when washing, maintain good hygiene, and make sure you dry your feet before putting on socks. Apply a foot balm or moisturizer at night to keep feet soft and smooth and prevent calluses. And it never hurts to go for regular manicures and pedicures if you can. If you’re on a budget, try one at home. Just make sure you don’t cut your nails too short - it can cause painful ingrown nails.

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Active Ingredients

Sacha Inchi oil restructures and protects the skin and nails through its hydrating and reinforcing action on the skin barrier. The ancient Incas were the first to discover the properties of this rare plant in the Peruvian region of Junin. By cold-pressing the seeds of the fruit produced by the Sacha peanut, a very distinct oil is created, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, omegas 3, 6 and 9, and tocopherols. These natural properties protect the skin’s elasticity and maintain its hydration. Neem extract derived from the Indian Neem tree is known for its many skin care benefits, including its antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties. It restores the skin barrier and supports the skin’s natural silkiness, while offering protection and healing for dry and cracked hands and feet.

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Conscious Skin Science

A sustainable and conscious approach towards both the skin and the environment. We select the finest natural-origin ingredients, the most advanced high-tech molecules and carrier systems. We choose not to use animal derivatives, silicones, mineral oils, parabens, artificial colors and any other ingredient which might be aggressive for the skin or the planet. Our formulas are tested by dermatologists and their efficacy is clinically proven. They are suitable for vegans.

Mani Pedi

Hand/Foot Treatments

Anti-Aging Specialist Manicure $55


This anti-aging manicure features silica and apricot stone for effective exfoliation and shea butter, sweet almond oil and sacha inchi oil for an intense nourishment. The skin is left feeling smooth and soft with a uniform, luminous tone. A relaxing treatment with deep renewing, ultra hydrating and elasticizing action for your hands and nails.


Anti-Aging Specialist Pedicure $75 

This anti-aging pedicure includes a gentle foot peel of alpha hydroxy acids and deep exfoliating scrub to repair, soften and nourish feet. Combined with traditional Andean massage techniques, the anti-aging specialist pedicure releases tensions and restores grounding and stability for the ultimate experience in relaxation and treatment for your feet.



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