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Blonde Wavy Hair


hair EXTENSIONS at Salon Fortelli & Spa

Depending on the current length, texture and colour of your hair - our extension specialist will help you select the service and type of extensions best suited for your goals and teach you best practices for maintenance. All extension services are priced upon consultation and depend on the amount of hair required and time of service.



100-200 strands PARTIAL LENGTHENING 60-80 strands (If hair is past the shoulders with long layers)



Can be done with lengthening on its own, done to bulk up parts of the hair or just to add more fullness all over.



Fashion colour accents that never fade, non damaging highlights



Even out uneven sides fill in area where too much length/fullness removed. Great when growing out asymmetrical cut.


Salon Fortelli & Spa is a departmentalized salon where our team specializes in different aspects of hairdressing. Our extension specialists have taken extra courses to learn the newest technologies and techniques available. Salon Fortelli & Spa's commitment to education is supported by Davines. The purchase of Davines products through Salon Fortelli & Spa directly provides education to our service providers so they can in turn strive to provide the best service possible for our clients. 

Permanent Hair Extensions



Mens Grey Blending -  $35

Colour Gloss -  $55 & up

Full Colour - $75 & up

Add ons*


Ammonia Free  - $10

Colour Gloss - $20

Hair Mask - $20

Olaplex - $45

Toner - $15

Creative Toner - $30

Flamboyage Add On - $15

Fantasy Colour Add On - $15


*Priced for add on to hair colour services only.

Hair Dying


Full highlights

Director - $145 & up

Senior - $135 & up

Salon - $125 & up

Partial highlights

Director - $110 & up

Senior - $100 & up

Salon - $90 & up

Mini highlights

Director - $75 & up

Senior - $65 & up

Salon - $55 & up

Extension Constulation




The Indian Hair is characterized by a structure with a bean-shaped stem, strong and wavy, which gives volume and mass to the Hair. This Hair has the characteristic of remaining softand silky at the touch.


• Double Drawn System characterized by 1 length Hair strand

• 100% Indian Remy Hair

• Cuticles intact

• Silicon free

• 3D Color Effect


Hot HEads



A New Colour features ammonia-free formulas with natural antioxidants. The formulas have carotenoids and melanin derived from plants that counteract free radicals and have antioxidant properties. Formulas are ammonia-free to ensure an odorless application, providing comfort for both the stylist and client. Healthy, shiny, hydrated hair A New Colour preserves hair thanks to its gentle formulas with emollient and moisturizing substances like castor oil and carnauba wax. Metasilicate, which is part of the cream base, is a natural and biodegradable powder rich in silica. The overall end result is soft hair and intense, velvety colors.


Hot Heads

Sew-In Weft

coming soon!

Hotheads® hand tied and machine wefts are sew-in extensions made of 100% Remy human hair with body wave texture and pre-layered ends to provide a natural and beautiful transformation. Utilizing Hotheads non-damaging sew-in application technique allows us to add volume, length, or color safely and comfortably.

Lengths available:

14" (Hand tied only)




Tress Coutoure



Tress Couture is a 100% premium quality human hair clip-on line from Hotheads Hair Extensions. These hand-tied, lightweight and breathable mono-mesh bases offer a seamless scalp-like appearance. The reinforced ¼” polycoated perimeter provides structure and durability, offering the wearer a secure and comfortable fit. Tress Couture Clip-on hair accessories are completely customizable and arrive slightly shaped. This offers stylists the creative freedom to customize the perfect option for their guest each time. 9 Clip-on hairstyles are available in 15 colors and shades including bangs, top of the head pieces, parting accessories, full coverage pieces, volume enhancers, extensions and color effects. Tress Couture is ideal for creating trendy hairstyles without the commitment. The ease of applying Tress Couture makes it a perfect accessory for fashionable women on the go.

Hot Heads Products
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