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Specifically designed for delicate and hyper-sensitive skin, Remedy is the solution to soothe and fortify your skin’s natural defense barrier. Fragrance-free formulas rich in Marvel of Peru, Mexican hyssop, and Marula oil provide immediate relief and repair. A prebiotic reinforces the skin’s good bacteria for optimal cutaneous defense.


Your Skin's Sensitivity

Every day, people are experiencing the symptoms of sensitive skin. Tightness, redness, prickling and general discomfort are all indicators of our skin overreacting to the elements, or cosmetics, and or even water. Over-exfoliating, prolonged stress and incorrect product usage can also cause bouts of sensitivity even in healthy skin types. So how does this happen? A damaged skin barrier, our natural shield against external aggressors, allows irritants in and is also easily irritated. When we are stressed, our skin senses our body’s internal stress signals becoming more inflamed and taking longer to recover. If the natural microbiota inhabiting our skin’s surface is unbalanced, the skin is unable to ward off harmful bacteria in the environment and is prone to sensitivity. We can combat sensitive skin by balancing the skin’s flora and maintaining a healthy skin barrier defense.

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Lifestyle Tips

There are plenty of ways we can improve skin sensitivity. Start with a back to basics approach to skin care. Toss out aggressive scrubs and detergents, foaming cleansers made of surfactants or products with alcohols and astringents. These strip the skin of its natural oils and can leave the barrier dry and susceptible to irritation. Avoid temperature shock. Too hot and dry or extremely freezing cold temperatures can damage the external skin structure leaving it red and irritated. Always wear sunblock - UV rays cause inflammation so a good SPF is fundamental to any skincare routine.


Active Ingredients

A blend of Marvel of Peru, Mexican hyssop, Marula oil and prebiotics create the perfect defensive action for oversensitized skin. Marvel of Peru is a common perennial native to the Andes Mountains. This extract has strong anti-inflammatory actions, reducing the sensitivity of neuro-inflammatory receptors in the skin for a soothing effect. It protects skin by increasing the synthesis of ceramides - molecular lipids that make up 50% of the skin’s barrier. Mexican hyssop contains a high content of flavonoids for soothing anti-inflammatory and anti-redness actions. Marula oil is rich in omega 9, tocopherols, phytosterols, vitamin E and polyunsaturated fats. It provides an emollient and protective action, preserving the skin barrier with its hydrating, anti-aging, antioxidant benefits. Prebiotics strengthen the skin’s natural flora and reinforce the skin barrier against microorganisms. They induce the growth of bacteria that positively influence the health of the skin and protect against external bacterial aggressors.


Diet for Sensitive Skin

They don’t say you are what you eat for no reason. Many foods generate internal inflammation which can result in skin becoming more sensitive, so choose foods that promote anti-inflammatory actions for your skin. Foods like salmon or flaxseed are high in omega 3’s which contrast inflammation and keep the skin barrier healthy. Oats and apples contain fibres rich in prebiotics that help the immune system stay active and skin protected. Supplements containing ceramide and hyaluronic acid maintain the skin barrier function and optimal skin hydration - another great way to support your skin. Eating for your skin type and cleaning up your habits are easy ways to combat sensitivity.


Facial Treatments

Remedy Soothing Facial $120

This nourishing treatment restores the skin's protective barrier through a delicate dermal-affinity action. Skin is renewed, redness and irritations are calmed, and the protective barrier of the skin is fortified without occluding the skin. Recommended for skins which are sensitive, fragile and prone to redness. Ideal after sun exposure.


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Conscious Skin Science

A sustainable and conscious approach towards both the skin and the environment. We select the finest natural-origin ingredients, the most advanced high-tech molecules and carrier systems. We choose not to use animal derivatives, silicones, mineral oils, parabens, artificial colors and any other ingredient which might be aggressive for the skin or the planet. Our formulas are tested by dermatologists and their efficacy is clinically proven. They are suitable for vegans.

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