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Salon Fortelli & Spa is now accepting new appointments

We are pleased to announce that we have finally completed all follow up calls for our waitlist! Our front desk team has been working extremely hard to work through over 1600 cancelled appointments and waitlist submissions and have made over 3000 bookings since reopening!! BIG thank you to Nat, Vanessa and Sydney! ​ We are so happy to be back in the salon and spa doing what we love!

Booking a Spa Appointment:


We are now accepting booking requests for all services in our spa. There are no longer any service restrictions meaning that facials are back! Please use our online booking system on this page to request an appointment. 


Booking a Salon Appointment:

We have not yet opened up online booking for our salon with the exception of Fiona, our junior stylist, as there is limited availability at this time. Please call us or send us an email and we let you know the earliest possible appointment with Vince, Gino, Tiffany, Gina, Josie, Jenn or Meaghan. 


Booking a Colour Makeover Appointment: 

In order to better understand what your goals are we have created a colour consultation form where you can upload a selfie and include links to hair inspiration photos. Once received we will follow up with you and schedule a virtual consultation so that we can create a makeover plan. You can learn more about our colour services on our new colour web page and see our individual rates on our team page.




Each day we will post any availability on our Instagram stories. Make sure to follow us for last minutes openings.

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